So I just became the owner of a 2012 GTI with 49k on the odometer and so far love it. (So much firmer than my old 2010 jetta Wolfsburg) as an aside it's the first car I have driven that's felt somewhat similar to my old 96 civic suspension wise. (Race valved konis and all the fixings) but still softer. So I'm a happy camper however I have a FMIC laying around (for 6 years now) and the obvious is obvious. Mount it on the gti but I do have a quick question.

Easier to plumb my own piping or should I just get the twin cooler style hoses off of ebay that keep the oem cooler and give you a spot for the new FMIC? All the "kits" have there own hoses ect so I don't see much on the web about slapping on one you have laying around.

Some guidance would be kindly appreciated before I pull front end apart.

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