I have wanted something to tinker with to turn into a quick DD. But didnt want a payment. SO, tried to be as cheap as possible. (used to mess with DSM's)

I snagged this 04' GLI... for 1000 bucks. it wasnt shifting right. clutch engagement was right at the floor. I thought it was a slave issue. Turned out the dude put the wrong clutch in (so it seems) and the trans housing on the clutch side was destroyed (you can see inside the trans from the bell housing area. I was going to part and scrap the car, BUT! found a GVT trans on clist for 100 bucks! bam. under 100k on it. sweet. I threw it in. everything worked but the mount. was a pain but did some fabricating and its good to go.

took it for a drive! everything worked great. BUT THE SPEEDO! no worries. I get home jack it up and plug it in right!? WRONG! no sensor... huh.

looks like that is what changed from 04 to 06 other than the mount.

now, I have read somewhere that you can pull speed off the drivers side ABS sensor? I cant seem to find the instructions on that though. any input or links?