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    Default Windshield Wiper Spray Nozzles

    This post is a little absurd but I am unable to find anything. The current gti I am driving did not have spray nozzles on it so I ripped some off of a parts car I have (same model and year). Unfortunately they were not actually "on" when I took them off. I have had the hardest time trying to figure out how to get these things to snap to the hood. The closest I have got to getting them to stay is by using a pair of pliers to pull on the arcing part of the sprayer once they are in place (through the tiny oval window under the hood).

    They have been pretty much laying there for several months now which means they are still shooting at strangle angles and not even really hitting the windshield. I went out the other night to try and install them again and was like "maybe I can just get it to point properly if I loop the hose". Not a good idea, because the corrugated plastic is brittle and snapped. Easy fix though by picking up some 1/4" hose from Lowes: 19 cents per foot. But ya, got a little off track. I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell/show me how these actually attach. This should not be that hard haha. Below is what I am working with (mine are the heated ones though, not that it really matters).


    RIP old 02 MK4 1.8t GTI
    Hello new fixer upper 02 1.8t GTI

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    Default Windshield Wiper Spray Nozzles

    From Bentley manual. Install reverse of this, mine were a little tricky at first, but this helped. Depending on the year, height adjustment is either done via a small lobed screw on the aode (1999) or by a slider thing where the spray comes out (2000+)

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