CEL, Oil Light, Cylinder Misfire - HELP!
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Thread: CEL, Oil Light, Cylinder Misfire - HELP!

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    Default CEL, Oil Light, Cylinder Misfire - HELP!

    Hi all.

    My check engine light came on. Checked it on vagcom - misfire on cylinder 3. Replaced the plugs, the leads and the ignition coil. Didnt help with the CE light. Came on after about a day after being reset.

    The yellow oil light then came on. I stopped, checked the oil and it was at a decent level, not under filled. I then topped it up to max. CE light went out! Whats up with that? Check on Vagcom, cleared the old codes, drove for a couple of days and no CE light.

    Then a few days ago, CE light came back on - same issue - misfire cylinder 3. About a day later, the yellow oil light came on again.

    Same story, oil was still at a decent level, topped up to max, CEL gone!

    Any help on this one??

    Mk4 2.0 2002 GTi.

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    Default Re: CEL, Oil Light, Cylinder Misfire - HELP!

    You already replaced the common problems with a misfire. I personally don't think the oil has anything to do with correcting the issue. One possible issue could be a faulty injector. You could try swapping the injectors in different spots, and wait to see if you get another cel. Run another scan and see if the misfire is happening on the same cylinder. if not, you know you have a faulty injector.

    You could try and clean it, and check the resistance on the injectors coil to see if it within specs. Regardless, the quick fix would be replacing the faulty injector and BAM! issue fixed.

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