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Thread: Cost for '02 GTI 1.8t 70k miles? Some mechanical issues

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    Default Cost for '02 GTI 1.8t 70k miles? Some mechanical issues

    How much should I pay for '02 GTI 1.8t w 70k miles?
    Its from a private seller. I checked out the car. It's in great condition cosmetically. I took it in to a mechanic and it had these issues
    $710 Error code for catalytic converter (needs new one) $220 Error code for oxygen sensor $ Error code for seat belt indicator $240 Missing front left wheel well cover $100 Crack/leak in the booster vacuum hose
    $220 Needs new mid muffler $150 Needs new strut mounts $30 Needs new wipers $780 Timing belt service due
    I have a garage and a decent toolset. I figure I could handle the o2 sensor, wheel well cover, vacuum hose, strut mounts, and wipers. That would bring the total repair down to about 1600-1700 including parts.
    Blue book for private party pristine condition is 4k. Dealer is 5-5.5k. The guy is really intent on selling it for 5k, but I don't think its a fair price given all the above issues.
    It's kind of a hard car to price given the low mileage and that it's an enthusiast's car. I would really like to buy it, so I've offered him 3900. Should I cave and offer more? Thanks.
    Also, am I getting into a money pit if I buy this? These cars don't have the greatest reputation for reliability

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    Default Re: Cost for '02 GTI 1.8t 70k miles? Some mechanical issues

    Honestly i think 3.9k is a little high for a mkiv. Its a 14yo car that needs a few repairs. But if 3.9k sounds good to you then go for it, you definitely didn't lowball him
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    Default Re: Cost for '02 GTI 1.8t 70k miles? Some mechanical issues

    its pretty good. take care of it

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    Default Re: Cost for '02 GTI 1.8t 70k miles? Some mechanical issues

    I wouldn't pay 3.9k for that even with 70k miles. If you think of all the issues it has, theirs something wrong with that guy trying to get 5k...If you haven't already purchased it, and are still considering it, I'd scan it using VCDS, just to make sure their isn't anything additional that the mechanic may not have seen... Many people like to clear codes using a basic store bought OBDII scanner, not realizing that codes are still stored on the computers.
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