ticking at 2500 RPM
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Thread: ticking at 2500 RPM

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    Default ticking at 2500 RPM

    When my car is at idle and warmed up to temp It makes this ticking noise I have been told it is the injectors but it gets worse the faster I go. When I drive on the highway at about 65 its a constant ticking almost like valves are loose or something. I fill it with 93 octane always and I just did an oil change about 75 miles ago. Car has around 220,000 on it as far as I am aware nothing in the motor has ever been replaced. 2000 mk4 gti 1.8t

    Here is a video of it at idle


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    Default Re: ticking at 2500 RPM

    Did you ever figure it out?

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    Default Re: ticking at 2500 RPM

    Doesn't sound abnormal. You can take a long screwdriver and (being very careful, keep away from moving parts) place the metal end on where you suspect the noise is coming from. The end with the handle goes gently near your ear. Cup the end to amplify the sound. Check various parts on the engine. Then maybe have a friend throttle it up a bit and check the same areas. You may find that the sounds you hear are normal. Of course, check your oil level just to be sure.

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