Ran a friends mk7 : IS38, intercooler, dp, exhaust, intake, 91 tune
My Mk6: K04, intercooler, dp, exhaust, intake, 2 stage meth, coilpacks, throttle pipe, 91 tune

He made sure to run when it was cold outside to try to negate any advantage the meth would give me, we did a few pulls and were pretty much neck and neck. I had a slight pull in 3rd gear and beyond, I'd probably get him by a car if we ran up to felony speeds. The best part is he REALLY wants to beat a k04 to prove that his car is superior... he even went so far as to buy a custom license plate that says "k04 killer" LOL

He wrote about it here: http://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showth...ighlight=azgti

Did a dyno on my car today and hit 364whp on GIAC 100 tune spraying meth.