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Thread: need help with r32 euro-spec tail light setup

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    Default need help with r32 euro-spec tail light setup

    I have searched vortex and a few others for DIYs regarding how to set up the euro-spec r32 tail lights to work correctly on a MKV GTI. So far I have come across broken links and dead images and lists of VAG-COM codes.

    What I am trying to find information about how to wire the lights or a local person or shop with a VAG-COM cable and/or some knowledge about how the light wiring in our cars works. I am in Madison WI and would be willing to drive a reasonable distance for some help.

    -Current Setup when turn signal is on (stock MKV rear lighting)
    ( • ) ( • )

    -desired setup when turn signal is on (euro r32 version)
    ( • ) ( • )

    -desired brake light setup
    ( • ) ( • )

    Please PM or post here if you have valuable resources or advice. Again i have been searching and digging in the vortex posts and can not find images or worthwhile guides about how to do this.

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    Default Re: need help with r32 euro-spec tail light setup

    Honestly this sounds like a tough DIY to do if your looking to make custom wiring to your taillights.
    Personal opinion, I would not mess with that unless you really knew your electrical knowledge. There is most likely a way to grab a voltage meter, sauder gun, and start testing to see which wires goes where. and wiring so that you make your lights do what your want when braking and making turns. But this would be a last resort. I suggest bringing the car to a shop to ask and see if they know of a place who would be able to do it with out you risking breaking taillights.
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