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Thread: Acetone in gas tank tested *UPDATE*

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    Default Acetone in gas tank tested *UPDATE*

    So the numbers are finally in guys. I took my 386 mile trip from NY to Cleveland ohio this past weekend and here are the results. On my trip to Cleveland Ohio I used no Acetone in the tank and my trip was clocked at 386 miles with 35 miles left in my gas tank. According to the figures i should be able to do 421 miles on one full tank with no acetone divide that figure by a 14.5 gallon tank (which is all i could fill it up to) and you get 29.03 MPG, which is not bad at all considering what a beast our cars are stock ;-). Finally I drove back adding a little over 1/3 cups of acetone to my gas tank. The result was 386 miles driven and 50 miles left in the tank. According to this I should have been able to drive 436 miles which is only 15 miles more then without acetone, and my MPG were 30.07. I tried to control the conditions of the test as much as possible as in putting the car in cruise control at 73MPH (got a ticket last month for driving 85 MPH on the highway, damn you NY police!!), the weather conditions were the same as well, but beyond that I really couldn't do much more to keep my conditions the same( im not god so i can't control the wind patterns :-) ). Looks like my experiment shows that acetone doesn't increase MPG in a 2006 MKV GTI drastically, this doesn't mean that every 2006 MKV GTI will get the same results as mine since every car is a little different. I have heard that acetone will help keep your engine clean, like the octane booster stuff that you can buy at autozone, but I don't know if that's true that's a whole other experiment (which someone should do). I must say with or without acetone I'm a happy camper getting 29-30 MPG highway and around 24-25 city, especially now with gas prices being INSANE. I would like to know your opinion on this. What do you think I could have done differently during this experiment or what do you think of the figures.

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    Interesting... And I just noticed ur from whitesboro... I used to live in whitesboro...i loved it. The **** yellow colored house on tge corner of flagg street was mine. I used to hang out with amanda gazziella, and kaylee sonething, and shelby armstrong. We should meet up sometimes
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    Default Re: Acetone in gas tank tested *UPDATE*

    MPG is difficult to figure. I drove about 36 miles round trip to work for many years, and could get as much as a 2 to 3 mpg difference or more in similar weather conditions on the same day. And it wasn't as if one way was all up hill and the return trip downhill. I used to experiment and try to keep eveything as similar as possible on the trips to and from work; sometimes I could get close to equal mpg; other times the difference was large. Of course, if I drove to work in nice conditions and then returned home in a blinding snowstorm, that kind of threw a wrench into the experiment. The best you can do is to maintain your vehicle, try to use quality gas (, don't abuse it too much (yeah, right!!), and keep track of your mpg's over time. If you find a drastic, sudden drop, you'll know something is wrong. Modern engines and fuels are so efficient that it would be hard to find a "miracle" additive that would drastically increase mpg's in todays vehicles. And some might not be good for your engine, not to mention voiding warranties! Good luck with the experiment if you decide to keep trying the acetone.

    Oh, by the way, if you go to the toptiergas website, you'll notice that a major refiner like BP is absent from their list of approved gas, but a place like Turkey Hill Minit Markets is on the list (no joke, check it out!) Go figure?
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